Hops in pellet from USA, New Zeland, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland. In our offer you can find 80 hop varieties.


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  • Hop aroma BREWFERM "Citrussy" 10ml

    Increase the hop flavour in your beer or give it a unique touch without increasing the bitterness.

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  • Nugget 50g - USA hop pellet

    A high alpha acid hop with a good aroma profile. Selected from a cross between Brewers Gold and a high alpha male with good storage properties. Released in 1982 it is now a major high alpha variety in the USA 

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  • Styrian Goldings 50g - SL hop pellet

    This distinguished variety is well known throughout the world and although identical to Fuggle in many ways it does have its own distinctive characteristics. The perfume-like hoppy character that was again used mainly in European lagers works very well in the less malty flavoured golden coloured beers.

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  • Kazbek 50g - CZ hop pellet

    Kazbek is the Czech aroma variety selected from hybrid material and crossed with Russian wild hops, registered in 2008

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  • Boadicea 50g - UK hop pellet

    A mellow citrus flavor with a light flowery aroma that reminds you of fruit blossoms. This variety is best used in combination with a hop of a stronger taste.

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  • Fantasia 50g - DE Hop blend

    Fantasia is a new hop blend. This hop Composition provides a silky touch of cream and caramel to your beer.

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  • Azacca® 50g USA hop pellet

    Intense and tropical. Sustained impressions of citrus and very ripe mango, with notes of orchard fruit (pears, apples) and pine needles throughout.

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  • Pekko™ 50g USA hop pellet

    USA newest variety, Pekko™ is named for the Finnish God of Field and Crops. Pekko’s™ complex and clean characteristics of floral, citrus, and mint lend itself to many different styles of beer.

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  • Orbit 50g - NZ hop pellet

    New Zealand Orbit hops are a blend of hops specially selected out of the New Zealand “Hops with a Difference” breeding program. These hops are selected on their unique aroma and flavour characteristics as well as their brewing quality. The hops may be grown in very small plots at the New Zealand Plant and Food Research Centre in Riwaka or in larger selected trial gardens across the region.

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  • Pulawski 100g PL hop cones

    Pulawski is a daughter of Lubelski and was released in 2012

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