Hops in pellet from USA, New Zealand, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland. In our offer you can find 80 hop varieties.

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  • Amarillo 50g - USA hop pellet

    Amarillo is a relatively new American hop variety that has been described as "super Cascade." The bitterness is between 8 and 11%, making Amarillo a good hop for flavor and aroma additions. The flavor profile is very citrusy, especially leaning toward a distinct orange flavor and aroma.

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  • Cascade 50g - USA hop pellet

    Cascade has a unique floral/spicy aroma both in the cone form and in the beer, mainly due to abnormal levels of some of the essential oils. It is very popular with some brewers due to the unique character imparted to the finished beer, others object to it because of its “perfume like” hoppy flavour.

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  • Nugget 50g - USA hop pellet

    A high alpha acid hop with a good aroma profile. Selected from a cross between Brewers Gold and a high alpha male with good storage properties. Released in 1982 it is now a major high alpha variety in the USA 

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  • Styrian Goldings 50g - SL hop pellet

    This distinguished variety is well known throughout the world and although identical to Fuggle in many ways it does have its own distinctive characteristics. The perfume-like hoppy character that was again used mainly in European lagers works very well in the less malty flavoured golden coloured beers.

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  • Kazbek 50g - CZ hop pellet

    Kazbek is the Czech aroma variety selected from hybrid material and crossed with Russian wild hops, registered in 2008

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  • WAI-ITI 50g - NZ hop pellet

    This new variety, low alpha but very high flavour hop is all about citrus, manderine and lime zest. Use as much as you can, late as you can.

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  • Bullion 50g - UK hop pellet

    Bullion is a sister seedling from Brewers Gold. In 1919 Bullion raised as a crossing between a female wild cultivate from Canada and an unknown English male. It’s a late variety, which is less biny in the heads than other varieties. On the contrary to the mother, Bullion is immune against the Mosaic virus.

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  • Chinook 50g PL hop pellet

    New Polish hop variety.

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  • Mistral 50g - FR hop pellet

    Mistral - new hop variety.

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  • HPA-035 50g - AU hop pellet

    HPA – 035′ is an Experimental Hop Variety developed by Hop Products Australia at the Bushy Park Farms in Tasmania. HPA – 035′ shows strong Floral, Herbal, and unique Stonefruit Characters, being classically European by descent

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