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  • KOJI-KIN 10 g

    Freeze-dried culture of the koji mould. Indispensable if you want to make your own sake. This culture converts the starch in the rice into sugar. With recipes. Sufficient for making 22 litres of sake out of 6 kg of rice. Content: 10 g.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast AW4

    AW4 is noted for developing powerfully fragrant, full spice aromatic wines and is a perfect match for Gewurztraminer and also recommended for Sauvignon and Semillon where the Oenologist requires a positive aromatic esters contribution from the yeast.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast BV7

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae –  Ideal for full bodied, full flavoured dry and sweet white wines.BV7 will both preserve and enhance the grape variety and terroir, promoting excellent flavour complexity, good wine structure and balance but especially FULL AROMATIC FLAVOUR.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast CR51

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae –  Perfect for light, fruity red wines for early consumption. CR51 will enhance ripe berry fruit flavours in light and fruity red wines and introduce a velvet texture perfect for Valpolicella  and especially for Beaujolais style wines.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast CL23

    Saccharomyces Bayanus – Ideal for crisp, fresh dry white/blush and all sparkling wines.  Also the best strain for high alcohol tolerance. CL23 produces very low levels of fusel oils and other congener compounds during fermentation and so does not contribute much to wine flavour or aroma and can therefore be considered to be a particularly neutral / clean fermenter.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast CY17

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae - Perfect for sweet white/blush and dessert wines from grape and particularly from country fruits & flowers. CY17 produces high levels of desirable congeners during fermentation including aromatic thiols, imparting rich fruity aromatics, full body and ‘tropical’ flavour characteristics to the wine.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast MA33

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae  –  Acid reducing strain excellent for fruity white & blush country wines especially where residual sugars are desired. MA33 has the ability to metabolize between 30 and 35% of malic acid making this strain the perfect choice for country fruits which are naturally high in acid.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast R56

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae  –  Ideally suited for rich, full bodied red wines with exceptional flavour complexity.Noted for exceptional depth and flavour complexity, R56 exhibits complex aromatics during fermentation conferring an old world quality which one might only expect from natural flora multiple strain fermentations. 

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast SN9

    Saccharomyces Bayanus  –  Very good all round strain, best choice for high alcohol and fortified wines but also excellent for most country wines, sweet sparkling wines and ciders.

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  • Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast VR21

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae –  Exceptional strain for full fruit varietal and country red wines promoting good structure, balance and colour.

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