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  • Cheese mould Caciotta 250g

    Cheese moulds for the preparation of soft curd cheeses.

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  • Yoghurt culture LACTOFERM BIFIDUS for 1l

    Freeze dried culture with bifidum bacteria of superior quality. For growing your own tasty, natural and living bifidus yoghurt. Known for its healthy benefits. Sufficient for 1 litre of bifidus yoghurt. Can be re-cultivated many times.

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  • Cheese culture LACTOFERM for 1 l

    Freeze dried culture of superior quality. Acidifies the milk needed to prepare cheese, soft curd cheese and butter. 1 litre ‘mother culture’ is enough for acidifying 100 litres of milk! This mother culture can easily be frozen in small portions (e.g. 10 ml) for later use.

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  • Saltpetre LACTOFERM 100 ml

    Ready-to-use solution of sodium nitrate. Special quality for cheese-making. Prevents formation of gas in the cheese (gas formed by coli). Dosage: 45 ml/100 l milk.

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  • Wooden cheese press

    wooden cheese press with moveable lever for home use,  designed for cheese molds with diameter min. 7.5 cm up to 16 cm and maximum height of 20 cm 

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  • Cheese rennet 5x1g

    Microbial rennet is a enzymatic specimen obtained by controlled fermentation special strains of Rhizomucor miehei. 1g of rennet is sufficient for 100l of milk

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  • Fresh Cheese Kit

    The Fresh Cheese Kit provides you with everything you need to make an array of fresh artisan cheese at home. Just add fresh milk! This kit is ideal for beginners and makes up to 7kg (15lbs) of fresh cheese.

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  • Cheese-making mat 23 cm x 23 cm

    Dairy sector expert's mat intended for ripening cheeses. Cheese-making mat is made of durable material, specifically profiled based on proven cheese-making practices.

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  • Yoghurtmaker automatic Lactoferm YOFERM 1,5L

    Make your own yoghurt with the Lactoferm® yoghurt machine. The YOferm yoghurt machine will automatically start the cooling process after fermentation. This avoids interruption of the maturation process. Afterwards you can place the milk cup in the refrigerator whenever it suits you! You can add all sorts of ingredients to your yoghurt, such as fruit, syrups, sweeteners, herbs, etc.

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  • Measuring jug graduated 2L

    Measuring jug graduated 2L

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  • Cheese mould Caciotta 800g

    Cheese moulds for the preparation of soft curd cheeses.

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  • Kefir culture LACTOFERM

    Freeze dried culture of superior quality. Can be compared to the so called ‘kefir grains’ and makes 1 litre of kefir based on milk. Can be re-cultivated many times. Does not grow ‘grains’, but it does produce kefir.

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