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  • Brussels Brettanomyces Blend THE YEAST BAY

    This blend combines Brettanomyces strains isolated from a unique lambic produced in the Brussels region of Belgium. All of the isolates in this blend produce a pronounced barnyard funk with mild acidity and very little fruitiness. This blend can be a little slow to start up, but is a great addition to any beer that you want to funk up.

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  • Lochristi Brettanomyces Blend THE YEAST BAY

    This blend combines Brettanomyces strains isolated from a unique beer produced in the Lochristi area in East Flanders. One strain provides a moderate funk and light fruitiness, while the other strain adds a more assertive fruitiness dominated by hints of strawberry.

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  • Saison Brettanomyces Blend THE YEAST BAY

    This blend combines one of the Saccharomyces strains from the Saison Blend and two unique Brettanomyces isolates from our yeast library. The Saccharomyces yeast strain is a strong attenuator that produces a delightful ester profile of grapefruit and orange zest and imparts a long, dry and earthy finish to the beer.

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  • Mélange Sour Blend THE YEAST BAY

    Mélange is our most varied mix of fermentative organisms, intended for use in the production of sour beers in which a balance of funk and sourness is desired. This blend contains two Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolates, Saccharomyces fermentati, five Brettanomyces isolates, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus delbreuckii and Pediococcus damnosus. 

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  • Amalgamation Brett Super Blend THE YEAST BAY

    Amalgamation is the union of our six favorite Brettanomyces isolates from our microbe library. Each isolate produces a unique bouquet of bright and fruity flavors and aromas, and the combination of all of them into one blend results in the coalescence of these unique flavors and aromas into something truly special.

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  • BAVARIAN LAGER M76 Mangrove Jack's

    A bottom-fermenting yeast suitable for most lager styles. Promotes less sulphur production than other lager strains, as well as a fuller, more rounded malt character with well-promoted hop flavors.

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  • BELGIAN ABBEY M47 Mangrove Jack's

    Moderately alcohol tolerant with fewer phenols than Belgian Ale, this yeast is exceptionally fruity with hugely complex esters and is highly flocculant

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  • BELGIAN ALE M41 Mangrove Jack's

    Spicy and phenolic, this yeast emulates the intensity and complexity of some of the best monastic breweries in Belgium, high attenuation and alcohol tolerance allows you to brew a huge range of Belgian beers

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  • BELGIAN TRIPEL M31 Mangrove Jack's

    Provides a fantastic complex marriage of spice, fruity esters, phenolics and alcohol. It is also very attenuative with a high alcohol tolerance making it perfect for a range of Belgian styles.

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  • CALIFORNIAN LAGER M54 Mangrove Jack's

    A unique lager strain that has the ability to ferment at ale temperatures without the associated off flavors. Extended lagering periods are also not required

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