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  • FastFerment plastic conical fermenter

    FastFerment™ is an all-in-one conical fermenter, made of food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE). Primary and secondary fermentation in the same container, no transfers and no racking. Space-saving and easy to clean. Useful content: 20-25 litres.

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  • Thermometer voor FastFerment

    Analog thermometer custom-made for FastFerment with quick release clips. Temperature range: 0-60 °C (30-140 °F)

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  • Collection ball for FastFerment

    Additional collection ball to collect the yeast from the FastFerment. Indispensable if you want to culture and reuse your yeast.

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  • Small stand for FastFerment

    Black powder coated steel stand to support the FastFerment. Ideally suited to place your FastFerment in a fermentation cabinet. (without FastFerment - only stand)

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  • FastFerment™ replacement gasket

    Super thick, heavy-duty, hollow silicone gasket. The gasket fits the lid of your FastFerment™ perfectly and works with all models of FastFerment™.

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  • FastFerment™ Insulated Jacket for FastFerment™ 30 litre

    The FastFerment™ Insulated Jacket is specially designed for FastFerment™. The Insulated Jacket is affordable & allows you to create the ideal temperature for brewing & winemaking in your FastFerment™.

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  • FastFerment 53 litre plastic conical fermenter

    FastFerment's big brother has entered the family! Adding to the same recipe for success as the original FastFerment, only bigger and better. FastFerment is a professional system for the average home brewer & winemaker. The conical design limits exposure to oxygen and allows for yeast harvesting. As a result you get consistent high-quality batches of beer and wine. Time and again.

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  • Stand for FastFerment 50L

    Obey gravity, it's the law! But instead of fighting against it, use it. These optional leg extensions fit right onto the FastFerment 53 l stand and raise it an extra 50.8 cm; at this height beer or wine can be drained directly into kegs.

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  • Collection ball for FastFerment 50L

    Additional collection ball to harvest your yeast after brewing for reuse in another batch. Having a spare collection ball for your FastFerment 53 litre allows you to store the yeast from one brew in the refrigerator and use another ball for brewing your next batch.

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  • Carrying strap for FastFerment™ 30 litre

    Very strong carrying strap for easy lifting and moving the FastFerment™ 30 litre (7.9G), made from polypropylene. Slide the strap up from below and use the provided handles. Not suited for use with the FastFerment™ 53 litre (14G).

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