The Catalyst 

  • Catalyst Fermentation System

    The Catalyst is an ingeniously designed high-quality fermentation system (24.6 litre capacity) from Craft A Brew that separates sediment, eliminates transfers and allows you to bottle straight from your fermenter. This elegant piece of equipment simplifies the process of fermentation, making it easier than ever to brew great beer at home.

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  • Cover for The Catalyst Fermentation System

    This cover is custom-designed for The Catalyst Fermentation System using thick 600D vinyl laminated canvas that blocks out 100% of UV light to ensure your beer is protected.

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  • Ball valve 3/8" for The Catalyst Fermentation System

    The ⅜” ball valve sample port makes racking and sampling from The Catalyst Fermentation System even easier. Rack without the bottling attachment, sample with ease! Racking arm and O-rings are included.

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  • Mason Jar for The Catalyst Fermentation System

    Ball brand wide-mouth mason jar, compatible with The Catalyst Fermentation System. This 0.47 litre mason jar is best used to catch pre-fermentation trub (hops, etc.) or to catch your primary fermentation trub. Lid is included.

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  • Lid Catalyst for BrewJacket Immersion Pro

    Pre-drilled lid for the Catalyst fermenter, especially for use with the BrewJacket Immersion Pro.

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