Beer recipes 

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  • Hefeweizen 12°BLG Malt kit

    This is the classic German beer style, Hefeweizen made of high quality ingredients to brew 20L great beer.

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  • West Coast IPA 14°BLG

    One of the most uncompromising IPA! Here it's all about hops and its aroma. Dry, crisp citrus with a distinctive smell after opening the bottle. Seductive sweetness hop aromas countered distinct bitterness.

    63,00 zł In stock
  • AIPA - American India Pale Ale 16° BLG

    This is a hoppy pale ale that is medium-bodied and amber in colour. It has a hint of malt and a punch of hops and a dry hop finish. It has an off-white head and a definite Cascade hop aroma.

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  • Sweet Stout 14°BLG

    Dark beer with distinct notes of roasted malt and coffee, but in contrast to the bitter Dry Stout, here in the flavor dominates the sweetness.

    44,00 zł In stock
  • Simcoe Session IPA 10°BLG

    Hoped intensely as IPA, full of citrus flavors, but with a low alcohol content, you can drink a lot more. This new style is gaining a group of supporters who like longer enjoy the richness of modern hops aroma.

    52,00 zł In stock
  • Belgian Quadrupel 21°BLG

    Very strong, very complex, rich, malty and spicy, fruit and liqueur, dark Belgian beer. More extractive and stronger than dubbel. A complex and intense aroma, combining a high level of deep bread, caramel, molasses malt with a medium-high to high level of fruity raisins, prunes, cherries, dates, figs or mirabelles.

    59,00 zł Out of stock
  • Pils 12°BLG Malt kit

    A great rich full bodied European style lager with wonderful aroma and great taste.

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  • Berry Oatmeal Stout

    Top-fermented beer, dark with notes of roasted grain and berries

    80,00 zł In stock
  • Witbier 11°BLG Malt kit

    Belgian-style wheat beer with complex yeast character and aromatic spices. An appealingly crisp, dry, and refreshing alternative to generic warm-weather lawnmower beer.

    37,00 zł In stock
  • Brut IPA 13°BLG 20l

    The youngest style among IPA, completely dry, strong beer with a mega aroma of American hops!

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