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    Grodziskie is the result of thoughts Polish beer, brewed in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, in the sixteenth century. The bright light beer with smoked aroma and a pleasant bitterness. Very refreshing, great for the summer.

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  • Sweet Stout 14°BLG

    Dark beer with distinct notes of roasted malt and coffee, but in contrast to the bitter Dry Stout, here in the flavor dominates the sweetness.

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  • American Cascade Pale Ale 13°BLG

    Discover the true flavor of Cascade hop! Dark Copper high fermentation beer with a rich malty flavor and a strong aroma of Cascade hops - resin, flowerness and citrus note perceptible after opening the bottle - is the result of more than 130 grams of unusual hops which you use to hopping this beer. Effect ... indescribable!

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  • Pale Ale 12°BLG

    Top-fermented beer, like an English pub! Amber color, rich malt flavors and a clear, overwhelming bitterness. Pale Ale style is a classic British brewing.

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  • West Coast IPA 14°BLG

    One of the most uncompromising IPA! Here it's all about hops and its aroma. Dry, crisp citrus with a distinctive smell after opening the bottle. Seductive sweetness hop aromas countered distinct bitterness.

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  • Belgian Christmas beer 20°BLG

    Dark, strong beer, intensely malty and coffee aroma, slightly balanced bitterness. Beer in the style of strong Belgian beers.

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  • AIPA - American India Pale Ale 16° BLG

    This is a hoppy pale ale that is medium-bodied and amber in colour. It has a hint of malt and a punch of hops and a dry hop finish. It has an off-white head and a definite Cascade hop aroma.

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  • Hefeweizen 12°BLG Malt kit

    This is the classic German beer style, Hefeweizen made of high quality ingredients to brew 20L great beer.

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  • Pils 12°BLG Malt kit

    A great rich full bodied European style lager with wonderful aroma and great taste.

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  • Saison 14°BLG

    A pre-modern Belgian style that was made in farmhouse breweries during spring. Saisons are brewed hoppy and fairly strong in order to keep through the summer, but these beers are fantastic all year long. A terrifically complex beer arising from the interaction of simple ingredients.

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