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  • Huell Melon 100g hop cones

    Melon is the new German flavor hop variety selected from US Cascade and Huell male, grown commercially from 2012

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  • Willamette 100g hop cones

    Willamette is generally perceived as a new, yet good quality aroma hop. The rub of the hops gives an estery/blackcurrant/herbal aroma that is very pleasant but can be quite strong. Differing results have been achieved with this variety.

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  • Ahtanum 100g USA hop cones

    Ahtanum is an aroma-type cultivar bred by Yakima Chief Ranches. Its name is derived from the area near Yakima where the first hop farm was established in 1869 by Charles Carpenter.

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  • Citra USA 100g Cones

    Citra is a special aroma hop variety with fairly high alpha acids and total oil contents with a low percentage of cohumulone content. The variety imparts interesting citrus and tropical fruit characters to beer. Is used in IPAs, strong American and Belgian Ales.

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  • Fuggles 100g UK hop cones

    The delicate, minty, grassy, slightly floral aroma produces a clean, refreshing, full-bodied flavour present in many traditional ales.  Before the advent of dual-purpose and high-alpha hops, Fuggles were used as the main copper hop and were often complimented by an addition of Golding to give a rounded, full-bodied flavour for which English Ales became famous.

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  • East Kent Goldings 100g UK hop cones

    UK origin. The Goldings are the traditional Old English hop. Develops by clonal selection from 1790 on starting from Canterbury Whitebine. Traded as East-Kent Goldings, if grown in East Kent, Kent Goldings if grown in mid-Kent, and Goldings if grown elsewhere.

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  • Simcoe ® 100g - USA Cones

    Known as a bittering hop with good aroma characteristics. Very good in American Ales.

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  • Mandarina Bavaria 100g hop cones

    Mandarina is the new German flavor hop variety selected from US Cascade and Huell male, grown commercially from 2012

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  • Ekuanot USA 100g Cones

    Bursting Out of the spring soil a vibrant yellow, Equinox™ matures to deep green by fall harvest with a high oil content and dynamic aromas. Aroma characteristics include Melon, Berry, Citrus-Lime, Apple, Papaya and Green Pepper.

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  • Amarillo USA 100g Cones

    Amarillo is a relatively new American hop variety that has been described as "super Cascade." The bitterness is between 8 and 11%, making Amarillo a good hop for flavor and aroma additions. The flavor profile is very citrusy, especially leaning toward a distinct orange flavor and aroma.

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