Hops in pellet from USA, New Zealand, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland. In our offer you can find 80 hop varieties.

Dual purpose hop 

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  • Amarillo 50g - USA hop pellet

    Amarillo is a relatively new American hop variety that has been described as "super Cascade." The bitterness is between 8 and 11%, making Amarillo a good hop for flavor and aroma additions. The flavor profile is very citrusy, especially leaning toward a distinct orange flavor and aroma.

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  • Simcoe ® 50g - USA hop pellet

    Known as a bittering hop with good aroma characteristics. Very good in American Ales.

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  • Galaxy 50g - AU hop pellet

    Galaxy is one of the most exciting new hop cultivars developed to date. When used as a late addition for flavour or aroma it contributes a distinctive clean citrus and passionfruit character which is more striking and intense the later the addition.

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  • Orbit 50g - NZ hop pellet

    New Zealand Orbit hops are a blend of hops specially selected out of the New Zealand “Hops with a Difference” breeding program. These hops are selected on their unique aroma and flavour characteristics as well as their brewing quality. The hops may be grown in very small plots at the New Zealand Plant and Food Research Centre in Riwaka or in larger selected trial gardens across the region.

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  • Nelson Sauvin 50g - NZ hop pellet

    A hop that requires judicious application in the brew house, this truly unique dual-purpose variety can be used to produce big punchy Ales as well as subtle yet bitter Lagers. The fruitiness may be a little overpowering for the un-initiated, however those with a penchant for bold hop character will find several applications for this true brewer's hop.

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  • Agnus 50g - CZ hop pellet

    Agnus is the Czech bitter variety selected from hybrid progenies of Saaz, Bor, Sladek, N. Brewer and Fuggle varieties, released in 2001

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  • Agnus 100g - CZ hop pellet

    Alpha Acids 10 % Crop: 2012

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  • Rubin 100g - CZ hop pellet

    Rubin is a bitter variety but it is genetically similar to old middle European aroma hops. The Saaz variety evidently influenced its genome. It has fine bitterness with longer dying away in comparison to Saaz.

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  • Horizon 100g - USA hop pellet

    Horizon Hops are an underappreciated dual-use hop with a clean bittering and delicate floral-citrus aroma.

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  • Horizon 50g - USA hop pellet

    Horizon Hops are an underappreciated dual-use hop with a clean bittering and delicate floral-citrus aroma.

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