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  • White Labs WLP800 Pilsner Lager

    Classic pilsner strain from the premier pilsner producer in the Czech Republic. Somewhat dry with a malty finish, this yeast is best suited for European pilsner production.

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  • White Labs WLP802 Czech Budejovice Lager

    Pilsner lager yeast from Southern Czech Republic. Produces dry and crisp lagers, with low diacetyl production.

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  • White Labs WLP810 San Francisco Lager

    This yeast is used to produce the "California Common" style beer. A unique lager strain which has the ability to ferment up to 65 degrees while retaining lager characteristics. Can also be fermented down to 50 degrees for production of marzens, pilsners and other style lagers.

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  • White Labs WLP820 Oktoberfest Lager

    This yeast produces a very malty, bock like style. It does not finish as dry as WLP830. This yeast is much slower in the first generation than WLP830, so we encourage a larger starter to be used the first generation or schedule a longer lagering time.

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  • White Labs WLP830 German Lager

    This yeast is one of the most widely used lager yeasts in the world. Very malty and clean, great for all German lagers, Pilsner, Oktoberfest, and Marzen.

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  • White Labs WLP833 German Bock Lager

    From the Alps of southern Bavaria, this yeast produces a beer that is well balanced between malt and hop character. The excellent malt profile makes it well suited for Bocks, Doppelbocks, and Oktoberfest style beers. Very versatile lager yeast, it is so well balanced that it has gained tremendous popularity for use in Classic American style Pilsners. Also good for Helles style lager beer.

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  • White Labs WLP838 Southern German Lager

    This yeast is characterized by a malty finish and balanced aroma. It is a strong fermenter, produces slight sulfur, and low diacetyl.

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  • White Labs WLP862 Cry Havoc

    Licensed from Charlie Papazian, this strain can ferment at ale and lager temperatures, allowing brewers to produce diverse beer styles. The recipes in both Papazian's books, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing and The Homebrewers Companion, were originally developed and brewed with this yeast. A more detailed description of this yeast is available

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  • Roasted Wheat 0,5 kg Poland

    Processed slowly and thoroughly by our drum process. Evenly roasted. Adds color and clean depth of flavor to very dark brews.

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  • Flaked Rye 0,5 kg

    Adding flakes to the mash has an effect on the taste as the flakes are made from unmalted cereals. To get good conversion of the starch, first allow to boil for 30 minutes in a little water, then leave to cool. Mash together with the malt.

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