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  • India Pale Ale - malt extract kit

    Classic "island" beer from the time the English colonies. Sent on a long journey to India for better durability hopped harder and with a higher alcohol content. That's how the style, which today has many enthusiasts who appreciate his strong hop bitterness and unusual flavors.

    89,00 zł Out of stock
  • Pale Ale - malt extract kit

    Top-fermented beer, like an English pub! Amber color, rich malt flavors and a clear, overwhelming bitterness. Pale Ale style is a classic British brewing.

    69,00 zł Out of stock
  • American Bitter - malt extract kit

    Intense citrus-resin flavors and the smell of tropical fruits can enslave and hard to stop at one tasting beers. Fortunately, with little of its power can safely afford more. Beer enthusiasts decent hop bitterness.

    89,00 zł Out of stock
  • American Cascade Pale Ale - malt extract kit

    Discover the true flavor of Cascade hop! Dark Copper high fermentation beer with a rich malty flavor and a strong aroma of Cascade hops - resin, flowerness and citrus note perceptible after opening the bottle - is the result of more than 130 grams of unusual hops which you use to hopping this beer. Effect ... indescribable!

    99,00 zł Out of stock
  • Belgian Blond Ale - malt extract kit

    Belgian-style blonde ale features generous malt profile and spicy yeast character with a modest gravity.

    89,00 zł Out of stock
  • Dubbel - malt extract kit

    Trappist-style ale with a russet color, dense off-white head, and a host of flavors and aromas - spices, flowers, dried fruit, plums, raisins, rum, and toffee - arising from the interaction of grains, sugar, and yeast.

    99,00 zł In stock
  • Pils - malt extract kit

    A great rich full bodied European style lager with wonderful aroma and great taste.

    59,00 zł Out of stock
  • Exterminator - malt extract kit

    Exterminator Double AIPA - great aroma, more bitterness.

    139,00 zł Out of stock
  • Maori Amber - malt extract kit

    Māori Amber - New Zealand Amber Ale - unique flavor of New Zealand hops like Green Bullet, Pacific Jade, Dr. Rudi, Motueka. Tropical fruits and balanced bitterness.

    99,00 zł Out of stock