You can find in our offer all the base, caramel and roasted malts for great beer.


  • Cherry smoked malt Briess

    Produced using cherry wood and a proprietary smoking process, resulting in a unique, enzyme-active specialty malt that contributes a smooth, sweet, smoky flavor.

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  • Victory® Malt Briess 0,5kg

    Well suited for Nut Brown Ales & other dark beers. Its clean flavor makes it equally well suited for ales and lagers alike. Use in small amounts to add complexity to lighter colored ales and lagers.

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  • Mesquite smoked malt Briess 0,5kg

    Mesquite Smoked Malt delivers a mellow mesquite smoke flavor without the harshness that mesquite can deliver. This toned down flavor is achieved through a blend of mesquite and other hardwoods. Use in a variety of beer styles to develop complexity or rich, robust smoky flavor.

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