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Low Alcohol Hazy APA 7°BLG View larger
Low Alcohol Hazy APA 7°BLG

Low Alcohol Hazy APA 7°BLG

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    Non-alcoholic (NAB) and low-alcohol (LAB) beers are gaining more and more popularity, here is our offer - Low Alcohol Hazy APA - light, refreshing hazy beer with a delicate bitterness filled to the brim with aromas of new wave American hops.

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    Data sheet

    TypeAll-Grain Beer Kits
    Dry hopsWith dry hops
    ABV0 - 2 %
    Bitterness IBU15
    Recipe for:10L
    Recipe for:25L
    Recipe for:20L
    Beer StylesNew wave beers
    Beer StylesLow alcohol

    Non-alcoholic (NAB) and low-alcohol (LAB) beers are gaining more and more popularity, here is our offer - Low Alcohol Hazy APA - light, refreshing hazy beer with a delicate bitterness filled to the brim with aromas of new wave American hops.


    Malt: Whole grain - you can choose crushed grain in options

    Malt kit: For 10, 20 or 25L beer - you can choose kit in options


    10L kit:
    Munich Light malt - 0,5kg
    Carabody malt - 0,2kg
    Caramel 30 malt - 0,1kg
    Dextrin malt - 0,1kg
    Rye malt - 0,1kg
    Acidulated malt - 0,05kg

    Amarillo hop pellet - 30g
    Ahtanum hop pellet - 20g
    Summit hop pellet - 20g
    Sabro hop pellet - 20g

    Flaked Oats - 0,25kg

    20L kit:
    Munich Light malt - 1kg
    Carabody malt - 0,4kg
    Caramel 30 malt - 0,2kg
    Dextrin malt - 0,2kg
    Rye malt - 0,2kg
    Acidulated malt - 0,1kg

    Amarillo hop pellet - 60g
    Ahtanum hop pellet - 40g
    Summit hop pellet - 40g
    Sabro hop pellet - 40g

    Flaked Oats - 0,5kg

    25L kit:
    Munich Light malt - 1,25kg
    Carabody malt - 0,5kg
    Caramel 30 malt - 0,25kg
    Dextrin malt - 0,25kg
    Rye malt - 0,25kg
    Acidulated malt - 0,125kg

    Amarillo hop pellet - 75g
    Ahtanum hop pellet - 50g
    Summit hop pellet - 50g
    Sabro hop pellet - 50g

    Flaked Oats - 0,625kg

    Mashing instruction included

    Malts conatins gluten


    Malt should be stored in a clean, cool (< 22 °C), dry (< 35 RH %) and pest free environment.


    Malt kit 10L - malts 1,05kg, hops 90g, additives 0,25kg
    Malt kit 20L - malts 2,10kg, hops 180g, additives 0,5kg
    Malt kit 25L - malts 2,625kg, hops 225g, additives 0,625kg


    Due to the increased possibility of contamination of beer with a low alcohol content, special hygiene measures are recommended throughout the production process.

    Hops: For low extract beers, remove the hops immediately after the allotted time while boiling. To prevent the bitterness from being too high and unpleasant, we recommend using a muslin mesh or a hop spider for hopping.

    Yeast: Not included in the kit, to get the lowest possible alcohol level, use the proposed yeast, the strains selected by us will allow you to get about <2% alcohol.


    Fermentis S-33 - Fruity driven strain, gives a high mouthfeel and body to the beer. Ideal for Belgian Ales (Blond, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel Styles) and strong English ales (ex. Imperial Stouts). It is also ideal for New England IPA’s.


    LalBrew New Windsor - Windsor ale yeast is a true English strain that produces a balanced fruity aroma and imparts a slight fresh yeasty flavor. Beers created with Windsor are usually described as full-bodied, fruity ales.


    White Labs WLP036 Düsseldorf Alt Ale - This strain keeps the contribution of hop bitterness in the background while promoting sweet malt notes.


    For an even lower alcohol level <1%, use special yeast.

    Fermentum Mobile FM56 Driving today - Strain dedicated to low alcohol beers; slightly fruity and estery, may give some phenols and higher alcohols. 

    Fermentation temperature: 19-22°C

    Flocculation: medium/high

    Apparent attenuation: 12-15%

    ATTENTION !! Because of low alcohol beers’ higher risk of contamination, we recommend special care about hygiene during whole production prosess.


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    • 47,97 zł
      Type - All-Grain Beer Kits
      Colour - Light
      Dry hops - With dry hops
      ABV - 2,1 - 4 %
      IBU - 41 IBU and higher
      Bitterness IBU - 42
      ABV % - 2,3%
      Fermentation - Top
      Recipe for: - 20L
      Recipe for: - 10L
      Recipe for: - 25L
      Beer Styles - New wave beers

      There are times when you want to drink a good beer, but with very low alcohol strength.American Light Ale is the perfect solution! Expressive hop aroma of citrus, noticeable maltiness thanks to a special malt with a large amount of dextrins and the alcoholic strength is about 2%.

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