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Customer ratings and reviews

Tiny Brewery - mashing View larger
Tiny Brewery - mashing

Tiny Brewery - mashing

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    Tyci Brewery - home brewing, is the first fully equipped starter kit on the market that will fit in a cupboard. It contains all the equipment you need to brew your first and every subsequent brew!

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    Surprise your friends with delicious homemade beer! "Tiny Brewery - mashing" is a complete set of ingredients necessary to launch your first Home Brewery! The set is prepared for making beer from natural ingredients: malt, hops and yeast, it reflects the classic mashing process in a professional brewery.


    Would you like to brew beer, but are afraid that storing large fermenters, a mash tun and other equipment will take up too much space? Additionally, are you afraid that after buying a ready-made kit you will not have all the elements necessary for brewing your first beer?

    We have found a solution for this, namely the Tiny Brewery - mashing! 

    This is the first commercially available beer production equipment set which will fit in a wardrobe or even under your bed!

    In the package of the Tiny Brewery set you will find all the elements needed to brew your first home-made beer. After opening the kit the only thing you will need is a gas or induction cooker!

    With the help of the Tiny Brewery, you will be able to brew brew brews of 10-12 litres. Plus, you don't have to worry about bottles because the set includes them!

    Brewing doesn't have to take up a ton of space because all the equipment fits into a 63x39x39cm cardboard box. This also means that you can order the set to your parcel machine too!


    The composition of the set "Tiny brewery - mashing"

    1. Fermentation bucket 15L with tap - it will be perfect for bottling young beer

    2.Fermentation bucket 15L with airlock - will allow you to ferment the beer

    3. Hydrometer - will help you check the sugar content in the wort and the potential alcohol content

    4. 100g disinfectant - will allow you to protect the beer from the harmful effects of microorganisms

    5. Sugar scoop - for measuring sugar for refermentation

    6. Liquid crystal thermometer - ideal for measuring the temperature in the fermentor

    7. 2m filling hose - ideal for pouring young beer from a fermenter or bottling

    8. Gravity valve - for bottling beer into bottles without oxygen

    9. Brewer's stirring paddle - you can use it to mix all the ingredients

    10. Crystalline glucose 200g - added for re-fermentation in bottles

    11. Iodine starch indicator - you can use it to check when the mashing process is over

    12. Filtering hose - a great solution in the filtration process

    13. Mash pot 15L - you will conduct the process of mashing and boiling beer in it (works on all types of cookers)

    14.Brewing thermometer - irreplaceable during mashing, where maintaining the set temperature is very important

    15. Bottles with patent closure 20 pcs. - you will pour your ready-made beer into them

    16. Instructions, yeast and a set of ingredients* - the necessary ingredients from which to prepare your own beer


    *A set of ingredients for 10 liters of homemade beer to choose from in the product options: (The set is crushed and includes dedicated brewing yeast and instructions)

    To choose:

    "Polish Light Beer" set - (crushed malt, natural granulated hop pellet, yeast, instructions) Get to know our hops! Classic Polish varieties of hops that have entered the canon of world brewing - Marynka and Lubelski hops. Discover their aromas by brewing pale beer on Polish malt and hopping with traditional Polish hops. If no one would accuse you - you do not know yours!

    Polskie Jasne

    "Hefeweizen" Set - (crushed malt, natural granulated hop pellet, yeast, instructions) Top-fermented pale beer, Weissbier style. The beer is delicate, even dessert, the taste is dominated by malt, slightly balanced with bitterness. Charterly for this style are banana and clove notes derived from special yeast strains. Beer does not require long maturation.

    Prawdziwe pszeniczne

    "Pale Ale" set - (crushed malt, natural granulated hop pellet, yeast, instructions) Top-fermented beer, like from an English pub! Amber color, rich malt flavors and clear, strong bitterness. The Pale Ale style is a classic of British brewing.

    Pale Ale

    "Dry Stout" set - (crushed malt, natural granulated hop pellet, yeast, instructions) Top-fermented dark beer with notes of roasted grains and a distinct bitterness. A commercial example of this style is the Guinness Draft Stout.

    Dry Stout

    "APA" set - (crushed malt, natural granulated hop pellet, yeast, instructions) Intensive citrus-resin aroma derived from American hop varieties. A new wave style for the American hop enthusiast.


    You don't know how to start? A complete video-instruction of brewing home beer from natural ingredients:

    @ 2022-10-21

    Idealny zestaw do nauki warzenia z zacieraniem

    Idealny zestaw na początku warzenia z zacieraniem. Zawiera wszystko, co jest na początku potrzebne. Wystarczy dokupić zestaw surowców i drożdże i spokojnie można przejść wszystkie etapy warzenia.

    @ 2021-12-16

    Najlepszy zestaw dla początkującego

    Zestaw kupiłem jako prezent dla znajomego aby go wkręcić w piwowarstwo, sam jestem doświadczonym piwowarem i przyznaję że, kupując ten zestaw byłem sceptycznie nastawiony i chciałem wszystkie rzeczy osobno kompletować. Brak czasu jednak przeważył i zdecydowałem się na "gotowca", jestem po pierwszym warzeniu z znajomym i szczerze polecam zestaw. Są w nim niezbędne rzeczy, które sprawią że, inicjacja na piwowara przebiegnie bezproblemowo i przyjemnie, oraz nie zrazi debiutanta na starcie ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

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