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Tiny Brewery - mashing

Tiny Brewery - mashing

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    Tyci Brewery - home brewing, is the first fully equipped starter kit on the market that will fit in a cupboard. It contains all the equipment you need to brew your first and every subsequent brew!

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    Would you like to brew beer, but are afraid that storing large fermenters, a mash tun and other equipment will take up too much space? Additionally, are you afraid that after buying a ready-made kit you will not have all the elements necessary for brewing your first beer?

    We have found a solution for this, namely the Tyci Brewer - Home Brewer! 

    This is the first commercially available beer production equipment set which will fit in a wardrobe or even under your bed!

    In the package of the Tyci Brewery - Home Brewery set you will find all the elements needed to brew your first home-made beer. After opening the kit the only thing you will need is a gas or induction cooker!

    With the help of the Tyci Brewery, you will be able to brew brew brews of 10-12 litres. Plus, you don't have to worry about bottles because the Tyci Brewer includes them!

    Brewing doesn't have to take up a ton of space because all the equipment fits into a 63x39x39cm cardboard box. This also means that you can order the Tyci Brewer - Home Brewer to your parcel machine too!

    In the Tyci Brewer - Home Brewer pack you will find:

    1. 15L white bucket with pouring tap
    2. White 15L bucket with fermentation tube
    3. Areometer
    4. OXI 100g
    5. Belgum bottles with patent closures 20pc
    6. Sugar measuring cup
    7. Pot 15L
    8. Plastic spoon
    9. Liquid crystal thermometer
    10. Bottling hose 1.5m
    11. Gravity valve
    12. Glass brewing thermometer
    13. Iodine starch indicator
    14. Braided filter
    15. Glucose 200g
    16. Set of raw materials 10L
    17. Dry yeast MJ (depending on the selected set)

    When it comes to the set of raw materials, you can choose according to your tastes. We offer you:

    Polish Light Beer,
    Dry stout,
    Pale ale,

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