Drożdże gorzelnicze Turbo 72h - 120g

Turbo yeast 72h - 120g

15% of pure alcohol within 3 days! More details

2020-08-23; 2020-08-30

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15% of pure alcohol within 3 days!

Instruction per 25 litres:
[1] In a plastic frementation container dissolve 6-6,5 in 6 litres of hot boiled water (solution volume shall increase to 9,6-9,9 litres).
[2] Fill up with cold water to 25 l.
[3] Once the solution is cooled to temperature of 30-35 °C, add sachet's contents and mix very thoroughly.
[4] Once a fermentation lock is mounted, the solution should be subject to fermentation under temperature of 22-29°C within 3 days.
From 6,5 kg of sugar 15% of pure alcohol is produced.
Fermentation proceeds stormly.

distilery yeast, growth medium, vitamin B1.
Turbo yeast can be used not only for fermentation of sucrose but also com mashes, barley mashes, rye mashes, wheat mashes, potato mashes and molasses mashes.

Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Net weight: 120 g