The Twój Browar store was established in the fall of 2010 as one of the first brewing stores in Poland. Being passionate about this hobby that is developing in the country, we wanted to enrich the Polish market with raw materials that were not yet available, and we needed them ourselves to develop our brewing workshop. At that time, we lacked many raw materials to implement our ideas, such as English malts, hops from other continents or specialized strains of liquid yeast.

Thanks to our passion and determination, we were the first to introduce to the Polish market Belgian malts from Castle Malting, English malts from Fawcett-Maltsters, New Zealand hops or White Labs, Yeast Bay, Omega yeast and many others. Since 2017, we have been the official representative of the Grainfather and Mangrove Jack's brands in Poland.

In 10 years our team has grown three times. but we are still accompanied by the same brewing passion as at the beginning of the road. We are still experimenting with new raw materials, compiling and testing the recipes that we make available in our store.

Knowing the needs of home brewers, we focused on efficient and fast customer service, to whom we deliver high-quality raw materials and equipment in the shortest possible time. We provide assistance to beginner brewers with whom we are happy to share our experiences.

We have attended and take part in many beer events in Poland, including the largest ones, such as the Warsaw Beer Festival, Wrocław Beer Festival or Poznań Beer Festival.

Focusing on the efficient handling of online orders, we do not forget about our customers who would like to meet in person, look at the equipment and talk.
Since 2014, we have been running a stationary store in Wrocław, which is a pioneering, industry store in our region.

We are very pleased that our efforts have been appreciated by customers who in 2018 and 2019 chose us as the brewery store No. 1 in Poland, in the PSPD (Polish Homebrewers Association) plebiscite. Home brewing pushed us towards the production of other products, such as cheese, bread, wine. It is a passion that is still developing and we are glad that we can share it with others.

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