If you are already a happy user of the Grainfather G30, it is worth getting acquainted with the additional accessories that the manufacturer offers to expand the G30 system. Most of them will increase the comfort of use, extend the existing functionalities, and some will give your G30 completely new possibilities.

Wortometer - Used with the Grainfather Connect Control Box Thermometer to accurately control the transfer temperature of the wort. The Wortometer is made of copper with a nichrome coating. We put it on the hose in which the wort flows from the cooler and connect it to the G30 controller through the probe. Thanks to it, we can control the temperature of the cooled wort on an ongoing basis by reducing or increasing the rate of its flow inside the cooler.



Overflow filter - When mashing beer with a higher charge, it happens that the malt particles flow through the overflow pipe to the bottom of the boiler, settling on the heater and wort filter. The over flow filter helps to prevent this. It is a small steel mesh basket that is placed between the overflow inlet and the upper mashing plate. Effectively stops any sediment that could pass during the circulation of the wort. Thanks to this, we will limit possible burns at the bottom of the boiler and reduce clogging of the wort filter at the pump inlet.


Micro pipework - Overflow tube for the mash basket when brewing small brewing pots of about 10 liters. When using a small amount of charge, about 2-4 kg, the standard overflow pipe can be too high, which can be troublesome with such small reels. The solution to the problem is Micro pipework, thanks to which we can adjust the mash basket to small amounts of malt.

Grainfather Cleaner - Cleaning agent for internal installations of Grainfather systems. After the beer brewing process is finished, rinse the boiler and then heat up about 10l of water in it. Add Grainfather Cleaner to it and rinse the installation in a closed circuit with the hot solution. The solution flows for about 10-15 minutes. through the pump, tubes, and cooler. Effectively removes proteins and sugars left over from cooking. Cleaning in this way is essential for the proper functioning of the pump and the counter-flow cooler.



G30 Connect Accessory Kit - This is a set of the most popular Grainfather G30 accessories. It includes the above-described Wortometer, Overflow filter, Micro pipework, Grainfather Cleaner and a pad for manual mixing of the mash made of stainless steel.




Whirlpool and aeration paddle - A special stainless steel stirrer, thanks to which we rotate the wort after cooking, the so-called whirlpool, and thanks to intensive mixing, we can effectively oxygenate the cooled wort, which will improve the work of yeast during fermentation. Whirlpool is used to create a hop cone at the bottom of the boiler, which facilitates subsequent filtration. Often at this stage, hops are also added to get as much flavor as possible without adding significant bitterness. Attach the stirrer to the drill with adjustable speed of rotation, which drives it in the wort.



Graincoat - Insulating cover for the G30 boiler. Made of 7mm neoprene foam. Useful if you brew in a cool space and it extends the cooking time. Thanks to it, you can heat it up a lot faster. It can also come in handy if you don't want to heat up your kitchen too much while you are brewing. Limits the temperature given off by the G30 housing.





Rolled Plates - Perforated covers for the G30 mash basket. Thanks to properly profiled edges, they do not require silicone gaskets, which are put on the originally attached covers. This facilitates their assembly and cleaning.






Storage bag - A solid bag in which we can store our G30. It will protect it from dust and scratches. Useful when transporting the boiler.






Sparge water heater 18L - Electric water heater made of stainless steel with a capacity of 18l. A useful tool to prepare the water necessary for smoothing. Equipped with a temperature controller and 2 kW heater. Thanks to it, you can save a lot of time by preparing the water for blasting already during mashing. The controller allows you to keep its temperature at the programmed level until it is cooled down.




Alembic Pot - This is probably the most interesting addition that significantly extends the functionality of the G30. A distillation dome made of copper, equipped with a cooler and a thermometer. It transforms the G30 from a mash-brew kettle into an alembic for making, for example, whiskey. Before use, be sure to check the laws governing home-made alcohol in your country.