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Customer ratings and reviews

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Real Amber Ale - 11°BLG View larger
Real Amber Ale - 11°BLG

Real Amber Ale - 11°BLG

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    Amber Real Ale - Amber, clearly malty Real Ale, a typical representative of a traditional London pub. Delicate bitterness, well perceptible taste and aroma of malts and characteristic slightly fruity notes.

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    Data sheet

    TypeAll-Grain Beer Kits
    Dry hopsWithout dry hops
    ABV2,1 - 4 %
    Bitterness IBU21
    ABV %4,2%
    Recipe for:20L
    Recipe for:10L
    Recipe for:25L
    Beer StylesBritish

    Amber Real Ale - Amber, clearly malty Real Ale, a typical representative of a traditional London pub. Delicate bitterness, well perceptible taste and aroma of malts and characteristic slightly fruity notes.
    A representative of the so-called "table beers" - light table beers, perfect for long meetings with friends.


    Malt: Whole grain - you can choose crushed grain in options

    Malt kit: For 10, 20 or 25L beer - you can choose kit in options


    10L kit:
    Pale Ale malt - 1,0kg
    Red Ale malt - 0,35kg
    Red Active malt - 0,35kg
    Caramel 30 malt - 0,1kg

    Fuggles hop pellet - 10g
    Bramling Cross hop pellet - 10g

    20L kit:
    Pale Ale malt - 2,0kg
    Red Ale malt - 0,7kg
    Red Active malt - 0,7kg
    Caramel 30 malt - 0,2kg

    Fuggles hop pellet - 20g
    Bramling Cross hop pellet - 20g

    25L kit:
    Pale Ale malt - 2,5kg
    Red Ale malt - 0,88kg
    Red Active malt - 0,88kg
    Caramel 30 malt - 0,25kg

    Fuggles hop pellet - 25g
    Bramling Cross hop pellet - 25g

    Mashing instruction included

    Malts conatins gluten


    Malt should be stored in a clean, cool (< 22 °C), dry (< 35 RH %) and pest free environment.


    Malt kit 10L - malts 1,8kg, hops 20g
    Malt kit 20L - malts 3,6kg, hops 40g
    Malt kit 25L - malts 4,5kg, hops 50g


    Yeast: Not included in the kit
    Select the proposed yeast strain.


    Fermentis S-04 - English ale brewer’s yeast selected for its fast fermentation profile. Produces balanced fruity and floral notes. Due to its flocculation power, tends to produce beers with higher clarity. Ideal for a large range of American and English Ales – including highly hopped beers.


    LalBrew Nottingham - is an English style ale yeast selected for its high performance and versatility for a wide variety of styles and fermentation conditions. Traditional styles brewed with this yeast include but are not limited to Pale Ales, Ambers, Porters, Stouts and Barleywines.


    Mangrove Jack's Liberty Bell M36 - A top fermenting ale yeast suitable for a wide variety of hoppy and distinctive style beers. This strain produces light, delicate fruity esters and helps to develop malt character. Suitable for both English and American Pale Ales, Extra Special Bitters, Golden Ales and more.



    Wyeast 1098 British Ale - This yeast allows malt and hop character to dominate the profile. It ferments dry and crisp, producing well-balanced beers with a clean and neutral finish. Ferments well down to 18°C.


    Wyeast 1187 Ringwood Ale - A top cropping yeast strain with unique fermentation and flavor characteristics. Expect distinct fruit esters with a malty, complex profile. Flocculation is high, and the beer will clear well without filtration. A thorough diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete. This strain can be a slow starter and fermenter.


    Wyeast 1968 London ESB Ale - A very good cask conditioned ale strain, this extremely flocculent yeast produces distinctly malty beers. Attenuation levels are typically less than most other yeast strains which results in a slightly sweeter finish. Ales produced with this strain tend to be fruity, increasingly so with higher fermentation temperatures of 70-74 °F (21-23 °C)



    White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale - This yeast is known for its high attenuation, achieving 80% even with 10% ABV beers. The high attenuation eliminates residual sweetness, making the yeast well-suited for high gravity ales and clean, well-attenuated beer styles. It’s an ideal strain for American and English hoppy beers as well as malty ambers, porters and brown ales.


    White Labs WLP028 Edinburgh Scottisch Ale - This strain produces underlying esters of pear and melon which work well with hop and malt derived notes. It’s medium to high alcohol tolerance is well-suited for strong Scotch-style ales or barleywine beers. This is a versatile strain that can be neutral at the low end of the recommended fermentation temperature range or provide more esters at the higher range.


    White Labs WLP090 San Diego Super - A low ester producing strain, it’s known for quick fermentations and producing a neutral flavor and aroma profile similar to WLP001 California Ale Yeast. Due to high attenuation, this strain produces very dry beers with increased perceived bitterness.


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